Saturday, July 3, 2010

38 weeks 5 days

**my creative mama took some preggo pics for us yesterday afternoon**

jamie and i went for my last official appointment yesterday before our scheduled c-section next went something like this:

{in the car}
jamie: kacee, i don't want to make you mad, but i really don't think we are gonna have the baby today
kacee: i don't want to talk to you

{in the ultrasound room}
kacee: ms. rachel, please find a reason to keep me today! please, please, please!!! i'm begging you!!
ms. rachel: don't freak out kacee, the baby looks awesome and is weighing in at almost exactly 8 pounds **and shows to be 39 weeks 6 days**...fluids look you want another picture?
kacee: no, all you can see is a squished cheek

{in the dr's office}
dr. cayer: well, we're not having this kid today. i've got 3 in delivery and i'm in a bad mood...chair almost falls out from underneath him...
jamie: and someone is trying to sabotage you!
kacee: please, i'm nearly 39 weeks!! i'm MISERABLE! we drive an hour and a half..what if my water breaks on 4th of july??!! will you be here this weekend? i'm soooo ready!!!! will you at least check me to see if i'm dilated?
dr. cayer: no! then i might accidentally put you into labor!

{in the parking lot and in the car}
i burst into tears as soon as my feet hit the parking lot...i was just really hoping to meet jonah today - poor jamie couldn't do a thing to console me, but i finally calmed down around the time we reached poteau and realized that i should be extremely thankful that this pregnancy has been so healthy that they can't find a single reason to take the baby 2 days early! i haven't had a single issue with my blood pressure (last time i was on bed rest for 3 weeks because they thought i had preeclampsia...i didn't, i just had pregnancy induced high blood pressure) 39 weeks noah's fluids were low (this baby, no matter how squished is still swimming around in plenty of amniotic fluid)...i was able to work all the way through this pregnancy which was such a blessing and a distraction from the total misery at some points...jonah is going to be a beautiful, big boy! i can't wait to meet him and see our family of 3 become a family of 4!

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