Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day!

jamie -
you were so nervous in this first picture! we had been through so much and we were so excited, scared, and anxious to meet our little boy! can you believe we are about to do that all over again in just a couple of weeks??!!

you are such an amazing daddy to noah! i love seeing you with him...ever since the first moment you saw him in the delivery room. he brings so much softness and emotion to such a big, strong makes me so proud to be your wife.

noah loves you so much! he can't wait for you to get home at night and gets so mad if you leave the house without him! he is your little buddy!! he wants to do everything like daddy!!

Happy Father's Day honey! we love you much!!!

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  1. Kacee, I am so thankful to have a daughter-in-law such as you. Love you bunches.