Friday, June 11, 2010

pajama day should be every day!

so today i decided we would do very little, stay in our pajamas, play, make cookies, eat cookies...just be generally lazy! this same day, jamie decided to completely uproot (literally) our entire front landscaping and start from scratch!! well, now it's 6 o'clock...noah is still napping, i'm still in my pj's, and jamie is still working in the front yard!

in other news today...i'm 35 1/2 weeks prego! this little guy is not slowing down at all, i swear he never stops rolling! i've been having major braxton hicks contractions since tuesday...i'm so ready for july 8th to be here!! i'm very very very uncomfortable, sweating when others are freezing, peeing all the time, and can't sleep unless i have at least 2o pillows strategically placed all around me! last night jamie made me a cozy little spot on the couch and he slept on the other couch so i wouldn't be scared all alone in the living room (i know i'm such a baby, but the house is still weird and new to me)...well at about 2:30 am i woke up and went to my bed where i could sprawl out...poor jamie stayed on the couch all night!

noah is being such a cutie these days! he is really into trucks and cars and played with his Chuck the Truck toys for about 30 minutes on the windowsill this morning! so cute! he had them all lined up :) he also loves to read! my mom came over this morning to play with noah - they made a tent in his closet and read a ton of books in it! we put the tent up again this afternoon when my sister brooke came over and noah just screamed when he saw it! he got so excited and kept running in and out!! when i came in to check on them, they had both closet doors shut and were both under the tent playing!

brooke is going to camp war eagle to be a camp counselor all summer! she won't get to see us again until jonah is born. we will miss her and i know she will miss home, but she's gonna have a great time!!

happy friday night!!

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