Saturday, December 1, 2012

Once A Month Cooking - December Edition

Today the boys opened their calendar gift to find that it was the 2nd annual "Daddy Day!" Jamie and I planned that they would all three tag along with our church's youth group on their christmas trip to Tulsa for a day of FUN!! They left early this morning and I have received so many pictures today of all of their fun adventures! They visited Incredible Pizza, the mall, the park, and even went to look at christmas lights! The boys were especially excited to visit Tulsa, because they know that is where their favorite aunt Jenny lives!!

While the boys were gone, Carah and I worked nonstop on meals for the month of December. We started out yesterday - making our meal plans and shopping lists - then headed out to Sam's Club and Walmart at 9 am...I think we finished shopping around 11:45 and headed home to unload everything...we had not anticipated the weather being in the 70's! so that posed a bit of a problem with leaving cold/frozen food in the car in between the two stores...I made a quick dash home to unload all my groceries..while still trying to remember what I needed to take back to Carah's house for cooking! It was slightly less organized that I would have liked, but we made it work!!

We really set out to accomplish a lot, and I was happily surprised when I realized we actually made everything on our lists  -  and all before 7 pm! What a day!!

Here is a list of all the meals I made today:

Lasagna (2) 9x13
Lasagna rolls 9x13
Baked Spaghetti 9x13
Hamburgers (4 large patties)
8 baked potatoes (4 xtra large potatoes halved and pre-baked)
Sweet and Tangy Meatballs (2) freezer bags
Cilantro Lime Chicken (2) freezer bags
Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas 9x13
Chicken and Black Bean leftovers for Nachos

most of these meals are enough to feed us at least twice, or would be perfect for when we have company over.. Carah was sweet enough to make the hamburgers for me with the little bit of extra beef I had after making all that lasagna!! I also have deer meat this month from a generous friend at Jamie's office, so we plan to make deer chili one night.

okay - so, after cooking all day, and while the boys were still gone, I got another errand completed! My sister in law, Jessica, asked me to help her decorate for a wedding shower at our church tomorrow for a sweet young couple we love, Jessica and Ryan. The colors are gold, silver, and red and since the church will be decorated for christmas, we decided to use those color of ornaments to spruce everything up! I worked tonight on gathering a few pretty glass vases and filled them with ornaments! I think it looks so pretty together and I can't wait to put it all together at the church!! I'm also going to do a cute subway art chalk board with a wedding theme to it.

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