Tuesday, December 11, 2012

i wanna see God

While I was sitting at my computer looking up a recipe for our home group this weekend, Jonah sat behind me looking at my Bible. I quickly turned around because this 2 year old tends to be a bit destructive. I stood up and started to take the Bible away when he opened it.

I said, "Jonah, this is God's word. This is my Bible." He replied, "I wanna see God." and it hit me. and because I'm pregnant and I cry a LOT, it made me go all deep and mushy. 

This is exactly why I opened my Bible today, cause I wanna see God. I wanna hear Him talk to me through the beautiful stories, and the paragraphs with too many names that I can't pronounce, and the letters in red that I know His son spoke. I wanna see Him working in my life, my husband's life and in the lives of our children. I wanna see His promises fulfilled. 

I am so thankful for Bible Study Fellowship! I was never good at having a daily quiet time, and to tell the truth, it's still hard for me. But the more I study, the more I wanna know more, understand more. God has given me a deeper need to know Him more, and I feel like over the last two years I've really been learning how to trust in Him and depend on Him to meet my every need. 

I think the words of my 2 year old sum it up pretty well... I wanna see God. 

I hope we can all remember this Christmas season the REAL reason we celebrate. It's not about Santa, or our Elf on the Shelf. It's not about decorations or food. We celebrate the fact that our Savior came as an innocent baby to radically change the world forever and I am so thankful for that! 

*If you haven't heard of Bible Study Fellowship, take a moment and visit www.bsfinternational.org to see if there is a class near you. 

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  1. Beautiful, Kacee. How sweet that you are showing your boys your faith, too!