Thursday, December 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

obviously this is wayyyy out of place for December, but I forgot to post these pictures! So, for Halloween this year, we dressed up as: Jonah - a monster, Noah - the Gold Samurai Power Ranger (Antonio), and Kacee - a pregnant housewife. I asked Jamie to go as the milkman but he thought that would be too inappropriate :( party pooper!! I think it would have been hilarious! I padded my dress with a pillow since I was only about 8 weeks or so at the time. 
We walked around our neighborhood until it got dark, then we headed to Greenwood to do the walking trail. Several high school students were lined up all around the town's walking trail passing out candy. It was fun, but very dark (we forgot our flashlights, so we used my phone!) The boys got way too much candy {we still have almost a full bucket at home!} They had a blast and we ended the night by stopping at Nana and Papa's house. As soon as we walked in the door, Noah was out of his costume! Guess he had enough of it!
Next year we will have 3 little munchkins to dress up!!!

1. Jamie pulling the kids in the wagon in our subdivision 2. Jonah looked so cute as a monster 3 & 4. The boys running up to get candy!! Noah really had it down this year! 5. My costume and the boys before we got can't see the high heels..that was a bad choice! 6. Little monster booty! cutest thing ever!

and then the next day, this happened.....

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