Sunday, December 9, 2012

O Christmas Tree


I thought it would be fun to put trees in the boys' rooms this year since they are loving the christmas lights! We got a cute little blue one for Jonah's room, since they didn't have orange which is his favorite color!
And for Noah, I found a traditional tree with colored lights. We let the boys hang ornaments, you can see most of Jonah's are on the first branch on the bottom! Daddy brought in a special surprise! He gave each boy one of his own ornaments from when he was little!  Jonah got a tiny wooden train and Noah got a little boat called the Jolly Roger! They really thought that was cool!! They love their trees and we've been leaving them on as night lights so it's dual purpose :) It's so fun to watch them get so excited over everything about the Christmas Season!!
I can't believe how big my sweet boys are. And to think that next year, we will have 3 kiddos to celebrate with!! Wow! God has truly blessed us!!

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  1. Kacee, these posts have been very special to me. I look forward to them every day. Thanks.