Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Nutcracker

Yesterday, I surprised the boys by taking them to see The Nutcracker!
Of course, they had NO CLUE what it was!
 {I had checked out the movie and book from our library, but my guys didn't seem interested}

We all dressed up a little bit so I had to get a belly shot and Noah wanted in..Almost 15 weeks!

 I invited my mom and mother in law to come with us to make it extra special! 

The boys didn't know what to expect and we so excited as we took our seats. Once the lights dimmed they were entranced! Jonah could not stop talking.."where they going? where the presents?" And after every scene, they both (especially Jonah) clapped and clapped!! Noah seemed to understand the story, but Jonah was really just concerned about where everyone had gone when they went offstage!
It was a beautiful show. Our friend Abby was a "party girl" and she did amazing!! She's such a cutie, and she really shines on stage! 

On the way home, I asked Noah what his favorite part was and his response made us crack up..."My favorite part was NONE!" I said, "does that mean you liked everything or nothing?" He said, "Nothing" which wasn't true..he LOVED the mice!!! especially the King Mouse, and we all loved the cute little peppermints!! Jonah's favorite part was the music..he danced a lot! 
They did get a little bored around the end and Jonah kept asking for the iPad that i brought. I told him he couldn't have it until the whole show was over, so as soon as the curtain closed he said, "I have iPad now?" 
I know they really enjoyed themselves because they couldn't stop talking once we got home to tell Daddy! 

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