Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bowling with Alyssa

Today, the Christmas Calendar gift was "Let's go bowling after church with Alyssa!" After some mild confusion about getting Alyssa taken care of after bowling, her mom knew we were going but didn't tell her dad and they were planning to leave for Dallas after church... It all got sorted out!!... we headed to lunch at a local diner! The kids chowed down! Alyssa ordered catfish :) Jonah ate bacon. Only bacon!! And Noah shared pancakes with Jamie! We loaded up the kids and went to bowling world! Sunday special is two games for $5 shoes and all! Jamie didn't want to bowl due to his shoulder- more on that another day... Well we made it through one game!! Alyssa scored 104, Noah scored 81, Jonah scored 100, and I came in dead last with like 70 points!! I am a terrible bowler!! The kids were all ready to leave so we went back to the church!

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