Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Elf on the Shelf: December 7-11

Obviously, elves love sugar in any form. 
If you haven't watched Elf, watch it. Right now! Will Ferrell is perfect as Buddy! He pours syrup on spaghetti. it's a classic in our house. Jamie and I quote lines from Elf more than any other movie...especially this gem, "You smell like beef and cheese. You're a fake. You sit on a throne of lies!" 

We finally got some of our gifts wrapped, so Eli had to try and sneak a peek! my amazing wrapping skills stopped him of course (LOL! and BTW props to my mama for helping me wrap some awkward gifts! I hate wrapping presents!) The pretty yellow chevron ribbon was Noah's pick from Hobby Lobby! I decided not to use gift tags this year and instead I let the kids pick a ribbon so they would know whose gifts are whose! Jonah chose orange sparkly ribbon :)

He could have eaten the whole jar and I wouldn't have cared.. chocolate chip cookie fail! Thought trying a new Pinterest recipe for Bisquick Cookies sounded like a good idea.. it wasn't. They are still in the cookie jar. And PS - we had an open house on Sunday and I left the Elf in the cookie jar... of course I wasn't here so I didn't get to see people's reactions. I hope someone noticed it!!

The boys had fun trying to figure out why Woody would be fighting with Eli :) Maybe Eli wanted to take Woody's hat? Who knows?! But Jonah really enjoyed finding this one and then playing with Woody the rest of the day! 

 Okay, so most of these ideas are not original... (DUH! who has time to come up with this stuff?! i would like to thank Pinterest and several FB friends for supplying me with a never ending list of elf ideas!)...and when i saw this on FB yesterday, I just knew the kids would love it. 

I was wrong.

Noah like seriously got angry about it. Why would Eli touch his precious milk? You cannot make strawberry milk with green milk apparently. Oh no! that's disgusting...so now I have to drink all the green milk by myself. And, I know it's just a mind thing, but it kinda makes me nauseous to think about drinking it. It must be a pregnancy thing...

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