Saturday, March 28, 2009


*my heart melts*

we knew it was coming...we just didn't know when.
it started with lots of drool and a slightly cranky little boy, then all of a sudden *BAM* noah got his first tooth! (lower left central incisor)

then two days later another one broke through! (lower right central incisor)

heaven help us! the boy has teeth!! :) 

the hygienist inside me is so happy! i can't wait to clean his teeth someday! 

in other noah news, he is so talkative lately!! he just squeals and laughs and coos, especially when he is at a restaurant and it's really quiet (the kid LOVES the limelight!) he is rolling onto his belly and trying desperately to scoot or crawl or something like it :) jamie says we'll have him walking next week! ;) he is still such a happy little boy! sleeping so good and really hasn't been too cranky even though he's teething! we are so blessed!!

noah and roary the lion - they're best buds


  1. YAY! For Noah's 1st 2 teeth!! That is exciting!!! Piper did not get her 1st tooth till she was 7 months old!!!!

  2. What an adorable little boy! Both of my sons got their first two teeth at 4 months of age. It was such a relief when they broke through the surface.

    I just love your pictures from your trip to PW's place. You and your mom obviously had an AWESOME time!