Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Ranch Part 1: Getting There!

With anticipation in our hearts and gas in our car, we headed out to the Ranch.  little did we know what we would see along the way! we drove to Tulsa the night before and stayed with my sister in law, jenny. she was so sweet to watch noah for me so i could go on this awesome trip! tuesday morning we were up early, rearing to go at 8 am sharp! since we didn't know exactly how far it would be from jenny's we wanted to get an early start...you know in case of traffic or unforeseen problems along the way...

about an hour into our trip we stopped at a McDonald's to use the bathroom and grab a bite to eat (i was too nervous to eat at jennys!). it was here that we met "the crazy flag lady." while waiting on my order i happened to notice this woman siting at one of the booths crocheting a HUGE american flag! this thing was massive! mom and i talked with the woman for a few minutes, commenting on the amazing feat this woman had accomplished. when we asked her why she decided to do it she replied, "i had a dream that i was making it so i did it!" this woman, name unknown, has been sitting at the same booth, at the same McDonald's for a year now crocheting a very large american flag simply because she dreamt she had done it! 

we found it very amusing!! we both really wanted to get a picture of the crazy flag lady and her flag but i felt it might embarrass her and we wouldn't want that now would we?

after driving a while longer and seeing lots and lots of this....
we could barely contain ourselves!!

we were literally just moments away!

we were startled when we saw a suv come driving up behind us (there had only been one other car on the gravel road besides us the whole way!) until i saw who it was!
"Are ya'll lost??" said Missy, PDubs sister in law
"Nope!  We're going to Pioneer Woman's house!" said kacee (leaning out the window taking a picture of this sign!)

Missy simply laughed and pointed straight ahead!

We were in the middle of NOWHERE!!! surrounded by mile after mile of beautiful rolling hills and dotted by cows and wild mustangs, we couldn't wait for our adventure to begin.


  1. omg... what a great adventure it was too... thanks for letting me tag along with you kacee... it was a very memorable tuesday...

    many buffalo journey....


    love ya, momma

  2. Lucky girl! Can't wait to hear more of your PW adventure.Post lots of pics.please!

  3. Lucky girl... looking forward to more posts about your adventure~

  4. I just had to say, I'm soooo jealous! I am a P-dub fan in Arizona, and was so excited for all of you to actually meet her and Bakerella! I just wanted to stop in and say, YOU LUCKY DUCK!! Oh, and you have a very sweet blog! Congrats on your many pleasant memories!

  5. Hey Kacee!!

    Jamie (aka Starwoodgal) here. It was so nice to meet you at PW's this past Tuesday. Your baby is absolutely precious.

    I'm going to add you to my BLOGROLL if that's okay. That way I can send others your way and I can find my way back too.

    Did you have a chance to look at my photos yet? You are in several of them. Some on my Blog and there is a link in my post "A Day with PW and Bakerella" at the bottom linking to all the photos I took on my Photoshop Account and you're welcome to download any of them you would like to have.

    Again, great to meet you and your Mom, Cindy. Tell her hello for me. :)

  6. Love this post! I'm already having fun, and that's just the ride there! :)

  7. so why did you need to call this woman "crazy"?

  8. It is so cool seeing everyone's different experiences with their PW visit. I wish I lived closer to the ranch. I would haveloved to be there. :)