Thursday, March 5, 2009

"eat eat eat all day long, eat eat eat while i sing this song..."

" eat eat cause it tastes real good,
eat eat your neighborhood!"

there is probably only one other person in the world who knows where the title from this post came from (it was a bonus track on some old NSYNC cd i think!)...she was my best friend in jr high...her name is's sad, but i haven't seen her in several years, she lives in germany now with her hubby who is in the army!! hi katherine!!

just a little noah update...

he loves to eat! haha that is an understatement! he LOVES LOVES LOVES to eat!! so far we have tried sweet potatoes, green beans, peaches, and sweet peas! we're going slow, trying each food for about 4 days to make sure he's not allergic to anything and so far we've had great success!! 

except for green beans were baaaddddd!! and when i say bad i mean really bad! he spit them me! and being a new mom, i didn't know what to do, so i kept shoveling in the green beans and he kept spitting them out...this lasted for a day. then my friend pattie said just try something different! that was too easy! ...we're planning on trying green beans again after the sweet peas. pray for us!

peaches and sweet potatoes are by far noah's faves! he also started grabbing for our food and cups just in the week or i let him try to drink some apple juice out of my cup and by golly he did it!! then he wanted more! then he wouldn't stop! it's so cute though! he's the most precious thing ever!!!  

thank you God for giving me such a precious baby boy! thank you for making him strong and healthy and so smart! continue to watch over him and guide me in being a new mommy!

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