Friday, March 13, 2009

The Ranch Part 2: She cooked for us!

our awesome hostess Ree just making us lunch! 

well, we finally arrived at The Ranch!  it is just breathtakingly beautiful - land as far as the eye can see and  smack dab in the middle of it all is Pioneer Woman Land! 

we were nearly an hour early, we really didn't know how long the drive would be so we figured better early than late. Ree was the perfect host and made us feel right at home! she is so humble, she really has no idea what a big deal she is! this just makes her an even bigger deal! :)

poor, cute little know the basset hound that Pioneer Woman is in love with...well the poor thing got sprayed by a skunk! but i still got to meet him and stare into his big, brown eyes through the lodge door. he's such a sweetie!

we began the morning with a tour of the lodge!! It was all i had ever imagined!!  The lodge is amazing! mom and i walked around in awe at all of the cute little touches...i think we both wished we could just move in...the big, comfy beds seemed to call my name! of course i had to see the pantry! the sliding ladder is too cool!! i want it! i have to have it!! but that would mean that i would need a pantry first! LOL!

this sign, in the mud room, made me laugh so hard!

pardon the french.

then i saw this cute array of cowboy boots...pdubs daughter informed me that these are for guests who don't have their own!

the day only got better though. more and more guests arrived and we all stared in awe as we watched Ree making us lunch! beef tenderloin and her yummy yummy asian noodle salad! it was DELISH!!

we chowed down! the food was so good and the company was the best! 
mom really enjoyed herself too, she even had a glass of wine...i drank a coke, as usual :) 

when everyone was finished with their food, our lovely hostess served us all a delicious dessert! a bowl of fresh blueberries covered with a yummy yogurt mixture (plain yogurt, cream, and brown sugar)

...the blueberries would have been great by themselves, but there is just something about the way it was all put together that made it feel special and elegant. 

it was probably the brown sugar.
it's so much better than regular sugar. 
brown sugar kicks white sugar's butt!

after dessert, we got a special treat. Pioneer Woman's daughters, along with their friend, sang a beautiful song for us! these girls have ah-ma-za-zing voices!! perfect harmony and all the other music terms that mean good!  and they're so cute!

there is sooo much more to come!!!


  1. Oh my, could I be more jealous right now. I know your having a great time!

  2. Looks like everyone had fun! The pictures are great.Thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing your fun. Would love to have been there myself, although a bit hard from Australia.

  4. Great pics!
    What an experience!
    I live vicariously through you!!
    Thanks so much for posting your pictures!

  5. I like the boots for guests! Nice touch.

  6. How exciting that you got to go to the ranch! I wanted to enter the contest SO bad (I am in Arkansas, too) but had to work. Poo. Your cupcake bites are adorable!