Monday, March 9, 2009

i'm off to the ranch!

oh yes..yours truely is going to meet pioneer woman herself! i can't wait...i'm still as excited about it as i was on thursday night when i got my personal email from Ree!!! i even bought a new outfit! :)
good gravy this is gonna be fun!

we leave tonight and will be staying with my sweet sister in law, she's gonna watch the little bear for us on tuesday...then it's on to the ranch for lots and lots and lots of fun!!!

i'll put pictures up as soon as i get home!! :)

now for something funny to brighten your monday...

my poor hubby..just tried to escape at a family party and take a little snooze...little did he know that my cousins would bury him in a heap of's kinda like when you fall asleep on the beach and get burried in the sand...only softer, and you won't find sand in your undies! :)

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