Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Long Time, No See

beautiful noah - 5 1/2 months

so it's been 3 weeks since i've even looked at a blog before tonight! how did that happen?? well it did. and i'm sorry! 
here's what's happening around here!

we went to Carol Ann Cross Park on April 11 for noah's cousin Kylah's 1st birthday party...that was noah's first trip to the park and we had a great time! we got to sit and watch the ducks and had fun watching kylah eat her cake! i love that they are so close in age and will get to grow up together!
noah and kylah "playing" at her birthday party at the park

Easter was wonderful! noah looked so cute in his little grey cords, blue vest, tie, and newsboy cap!! he got to go up and help his Papa open the service..he loves the attention!! he got lots of goodies from his aunt jj, nana and papa, and gama and gramps...3 easter baskets, an electronic book from mommy and daddy, and a cute little book of bible stories...what a lucky little boy! he is so loved!!

i turned 23 on April 15th!! hooray for me!! jamie bought me some cute spring clothes from old navy, the girls at work threw me a little party and i got some goodies, and my mommy made me the sweetest mini scrapbook of noah! it's adorable!! she's so crafty! 

i highlighted my hair yesterday...it's blonde...i mean yellow..err gold? i'm not sure yet...it's just not me i'm thinkin...we'll see though. everyone says it looks good but i'm not convinced. so i'm going back on thursday to try and calm down the blondness...i'll post pictures when i have it where i want it...i don't feel photogenic right now.

noah turned 6 months old today! getting soo big!! he is sitting up really well and sidestepping a little around tables and on the couch. he sat in a big boy highchair at 2 restaurants this past weekend and ate "table food"! he had his own little serving of mashed potatoes at Marketplace and he loved loved loved it!!!  then on sunday night he tried bowtie pasta and couldn't get enough...so i bought him his own little box...they are mini bowties and they are the perfect size for him to pick up and chew on! his little teeth are still coming in...they are so sharp!! we have completely weaned from breastfeeding (THANK YOU LORD)...not that i didn't enjoy providing nurishment for my baby boy..but i'm just glad that he was so easy going with it. 

i feel so blessed to be his mommy!!!


  1. Noah is absolutley precious! I cannot believe his is 6 months old alreadY!!!!

  2. Kacee -

    I just wanted to say thanks for your comment on my blog! It is fun to find other mommy bloggers - especially PW fans! And, it looks like we're pretty much in the same place in life: cute little boys and we both just turned 23! It's a great place to be, huh? I saw the pics of going to the Lodge and it looked like so much fun! I wish I were close enough to have entered.

    Anyway, hope you have a great weekend. Nice to 'meet' you too!