Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Interview With a 4 Year Old

This morning, Noah and I spent a little time together at the kitchen table, with no distractions, and I asked him {mostly} the same questions that I asked Jonah yesterday. Here are his answers :)

What's your favorite drink? chocolate milk! and you can write Sprite and Orange Crush too, cause I like those too.
What's your favorite color? All of them!
But, really what is your most favorite? yellow
What does daddy do at work? uhhhh... work. I don't know, he works. He does a meeting.
What does mommy do for work? You make money. How? By at work. You tell us to clean up the living room sometimes too.
Who loves you? momma, and the baby loves me too and I love the baby {referring to Isaiah - he then hugged and kissed my belly} and Gama and I love you momma - you got a baby in your tummy. He won't be too long, just 7 weeks! {we were talking about time at breakfast and I said Isaiah would arrive in about 2 months - not sure where he got 7 weeks}

What do you like to play with? Buzz Lightyear, Power Rangers, Ben 10
What will it be like when Isaiah is born? I'll teach him how to cross his eyes like this! {demonstrates how he crosses his eyes and then starts singing the Ben 10 theme song}
When you grow up big like daddy, what will you do all day? I will play, and work at McDonald's - just the pretend one at Nana and Papa's house. That's how I will make money. And I still wanna be a preacher like PaPa.

What will your brother do when he is big? Jonah will do workin'. He will work at McDonald's too, real work.
What makes you so happy? like Buzz Lightyear - uh huh, when I watch Buzz Lightyear. And napkins! and Ben 10! {Laughing now, he begins repeating napkins, napkins, napkins..then it turns into "I like poop" over and over again with a huge smile on his face!}
What is your favorite book? Spiderman, We really have it mom, in Jonah's bedroom.
What's your favorite movie? Ben 10, Spiderman {he begins to explain how Ben 10 changes into SpiderMonkey, then he hugs my belly and wants to feel Isaiah kick..then "can I have some choc-choc now?"}
What's your favorite song? TobyMac! Liz, you know who's at church and watches us sometimes, she has TobyMac, but only the "du nu nun nu"
You mean 'Tonight'? ya, but I like "I wanna Mac, I need a Mac Daddy" song best.
What's your favorite bedtime song? the Lord one, you know, I praise the Lord song. Can you 'member that one? and 'Honor Your Father and Your Muber' and "I hear the rolling thunder..." {He's trying to recall "How Great Thou Art" and tells me he likes that one because I sing it to him}
Who is your best friend? Alyssa, and Jeremiah
What's your favorite food? Chicken nuggets, fries, and ranch!
Who is the coolest person on Earth? daddy! and baby Isaiah {he kisses my tummy again!}
Can you count to 10? one, two, free, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!
How high can you count? {he counts from 1-28 skipping only 16 and 20}
Who is your favorite Bible character we have learned about this year? Abraham, because Sarah laughed!
Why did she laugh? Because her was too old to have a baby, but her did have a baby! I like that story! and I like Power Ranger stories...only I can do Power Ranger stories, Gama can do Farrah stories. {He begins to tell me a Power Ranger story and what color P.R. each person in the family was. And Farrah is a character my mom made up and they make up stories about her all the time!}
Where's your favorite place to spend the night? camping out - at church camp!

Noah is 4 years and 5 months old. He is such a big kid!! He will start a Pre-K program in September and we have been doing a very relaxed version of what I call "homeschool preschool" a few days a week. He is so smart and already knows so much! He is memorizing verses each week to go along with a letter of the alphabet..this past week we have been on G "God is Love" 1 John 4:8.

He has been so excited about starting T-Ball this year and when we got dressed yesterday to head to practice, he asked if his cleats were the new ones that would make him run faster. I said "Sure!" and he said, "Thank you so much mommy for buying these for me!" He apparently didn't realize that they were the same ones he had played soccer in! When we got to the field he told Jamie and I that he wasn't gonna give up this year! He wasn't gonna cry, he was gonna keep trying!!

He is the sweetest, most sensitive little guy. He gets his feelings hurt very easily. He loves to ask about Isaiah and kiss my tummy and hug me and tell me he loves me about 1000 times a day. He will always give sugars to the whole family before we leave. He loves his brother, even though he gets annoyed with him a lot!

He is a great helper!! It might take him a little while - both boys have learned "I'll be there in a minute"- but once he gets focused he can get a lot done! He is very organized!! Part of cleaning up his cars always involves putting them into 2 boxes - one box is the one he likes and the other box is ones his brother can play with!

He has an amazing memory - especially for stories, songs, and action figures. He is great at explaining things to Jonah and loves to be "in charge" of his "bruber" He is a non stop talker and loves to be silly. He really likes to make people laugh!

I love my big kid!

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  1. This is the sweetest. I LOVE that he knows Bible verses and Bible stories. I can't wait to teach a kiddo about all that some day!