Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Interview With a 2 Year Old

My sweet friend Emily recently posted an interview that she did with her precious son, Ian. He was just turning 2 and his answers were so sincere and sweet! You can find her interview here! So I thought this might be fun to try with the boys. I was able to coax bribe sweet talk Jonah into participating yesterday when he stumbled into the kitchen after nap time :) That's when he is at his sweetest and super cuddly :) He promptly asked for "milllyykkk" and we sat at the table with a box of colors and a letter recognition game; I had my notebook and a list of questions! {bold is me talking}

Jonah, what's your favorite drink? I can't know...
Well, do you like choc-choc, sprite, juice, milk, water? milk
Just plain milk? {He LOVES chocolate milk} uh huh!
What's your favorite color? orange!
What does daddy do at work? work - ummm {he looks up with his eyes closed and says ummm for at least a minute} he go to work
What does mommy do? I don't know, when you come back I'm gonna see you! {referring to the one day a week when I work outside the home as a dental hygienist} :)
Who loves you? daddy and mom!
Anyone else? no...I want my iPad now.
{I may have bribed him with the iPad if he would finish answering all my questions}
What do you like to play? a toy - let me show you, come with me mom! my guitar! It's mine! Where is Tigger? huh?! I put him somewhere!  {he begins throwing the pillows off the couch and eventually goes to his room where Tigger is laying on the floor} He dropped!
When you grow up big like daddy what will you do all day? i don't know...i'll want a toy...I not go to work, I not going to. I need a number.
You mean a letter? {he got distracted by the letter game we had on the table and was trying to find where the A should go}
What will brother do all day? I don't know...
What makes you so happy? so happy?!? {with a huge smile on his face and his eyes closed he begins laughing and humming a made up melody} I like a toy! Christmas! ummmm Santa!
What is your favorite book? The Bible! and a book! a Truck [book] and the Bible! and THE BIBLE! {he literally looked at my writing to make sure I wrote down Bible!}
What is your favorite movie? Peter Pan Returns {an episode of Jake and The Neverland Pirates}
What is your favorite song? he begins to sing "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there's just something about that name"
Who is your best friend? bubba!! bubba, where are you? I don't know - he hide! {noah was still napping}
What is your favorite food to eat? chicken!
From where? Ack-donald's {McDonald's} Papa took me there and I eat breakfast! Nana nana boo boo, you can't see me! {hiding behind my chair! then he spots a toy on the floor that he "lost" during breakfast} There's my ducky! I drop him when I went to get it and I just got it now!
Who is the coolest person on Earth? daddy and mom and dad and mom....{he repeated it several times - be still my heart!}
How can you count to ten?, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, fir-teen, five-teen, four-teen, fir-teen, five-teen
Okay, but how do we count just to ten? A! B! C! D! huh? {and then he just busts up laughing!}

Jonah is 2 years and 8 months old - he will turn 3 on July 8th. He is such a sweet boy! He really thinks he is a big kid just like "bubba" - and has almost mastered the art of potty training! He loves to help me around the house and he loves Noah so much! He is really excited about being a big brother and loves to talk to Isaiah.

He is definitely different from Noah - he loves stuffed animals, he could care less about learning his colors/shapes, he can throw the fakest temper tantrum, and he has no fear! He is a little daredevil and always very mischievous! But when he laughs and smiles he just melts your heart! He knows he can get his way if he turns on the "charm" - "But I want it" is a common phrase heard from him...accompanied with a very pitiful looking sad face! He started something we call "lovin' sugars" which is where he puts both hands on our cheeks and pulls us in for a kiss...but lately he has been saying, "Hug only! No sugars!" Every now and then he will sneak in a lovin sugar at bedtime :)

He loves music! He is constantly making up songs and singing about things we are doing. He always has a song stuck in his head and he loves to pick out the songs we sing at bedtime. I will usually sing 3 or 4 songs, but hen he has to sing a few by himself too! His favorites right now are "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,""Jesus Loves Me" "Don't Wash My Blankie""How Great Thou Art" and several more...

He loves all things trains and big trucks! He is obsessed with trash trucks right now! He always wants to stop and watch them pick up the trash cans!

I could go on and on. He is such a special little boy! Thanks Em for the fun idea of interviewing him!! :) can't wait to hear what his answers would be like in another year!

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