Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Fun

We attended the annual youth New Year's Eve party at our church last night. We all had a great time!! We started off with the scavenger hunt- Jamie and I are always drivers! This year we were the Iron Man team, so each bonus question was about the movie Iron Man. The boys stayed with Nana and PaPa while we were gone and they formed the Captain America team and went to Chuckee Cheese and McDonald's! After we found all our locations we still had almost an hour left, so we took our group to Braums for milkshakes!! I told them that's what happens when you rides with the pregnant lady!! When the scavenger hunt was over, we played some fun games and then had a great worship service. At midnight we all danced around the youth building singing and just having s great time!! I was so happy that both boys made it all the way to midnight - and Jonah promptly crashed on my chest soon after!! It was a great night!!!

Happy 2013!!!

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  1. So glad ya'll like to be a part of it. Helps Jess so much and you have fun to boot.