Tuesday, July 24, 2012

summer boys

just a normal tuesday morning in the brown home  -  except fort he fact that i had two of my wisdom teeth out yesterday and have not really felt like doing much.  that doesn't stop my boys from being boys though!! this morning noah asked me to take a picture of him and his brother as they sat on the floor in their pi's... so of course i obliged...

these silly boys are getting so big! Jonah just turned 2 and Noah will be 4 in just about three months! it's crazy how time really does fly during childhood.

we decided to get out of the house a bit this morning after breakfast, and headed to my dad's house for some swimming and mowing time {jonah absolutely loves to mow!!}

the boys decided to play - by play i mean noah told jonah to push him around - with their stroller which they found in the trunk of my car!

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  1. I had my wisdom teeth out last week. I can't imagine having it done then being mom! Oweee!