Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the "Christmas Calendar"

is it really almost Christmas? i know we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet, but i am suddenly really in the Christmas spirit! it may be because Noah is really into this year...pointing out all of the christmas lights that are already showing up in our neighborhood and telling me things that he wants santa to bring him. it's the first year he is really anticipating it and i'm excited with him. we've been listening to my favorite Christmas cd, 'A Rat Pack Christmas'...here's a favorite verse that i just sang along with
{bonus points to those of you that can sing along too!}
"Frosted window panes, candles gleaming inside, painted candy canes on the tree..
Santa's on his way; he's filled his sleigh with things,
things for you and for me.
It's that time of year, when the world falls in love.
Every song you hear seems to say,
'Merry Christmas, may your New Year dreams come true.'
And this song of mine,
in three quarter time,
Wishes you and yours, the same thing too."
tonight i worked on a really special Christmas tradition. i made The Christmas Calendar. this tradition was started by my mom when i was pretty young, maybe 2. she made a little crafty calendar with pockets for each day leading up to Christmas day, and inside each pocket she would put a little goody for me. this continued every year, without fail, and i have so many memories of me and my sisters waking up early to run to the calendar and see what surprise mom had in store for us that day. sometimes it was really small, like a 5 stick pack of gum or a dollar to buy a coke at school that day. other days, it was a really elaborate scavenger hunt with a cool gift waiting! i was always amazed that we never found the gifts she hid all over the house until the exact moment she wanted us to find them!

writing this is honestly making me so sentimental; add that to someone who has already been an emotional basket case this week, and you have me crying over a calendar. {i love you mommy!} it was just so special. and that really describes my mom. she did everything in her power to make every event in our lives memorable. i can remember she would lock herself in her room when were older to wrap each and every little gift, no matter how tiny {sometimes it would just be a note that said, "Let's go look at christmas lights tonight."} she would wrap it. we knew not to bother her while she made the calendar.

it was a scared part of my childhood, my adolescence, and now i plan to make it part of my children's lives too. i know jonah won't be into like noah yet, but i have big plans including some mini-scavenger hunts around our house! my mom made the actual calendar and tonight i worked on adding the tree, names, and numbering the days. i still have to add some grommets to the top and ribbon so i can hang it. and i can't forget the jingle bells for the tree. i'm pretty sure my mom hand sewed hers on, but i plan on using a glue gun! i'll show you the finished project next week. mom is coming over on saturday to help me finish it up and get all the little goodies ready!! and oh yes, this calendar will be traveling to Disney World with us the week before Christmas!! can't believe that trip is just right around the corner!

my mother in law and i were talking about the traditions she had when my hubby was little, they did the 12 days of Christmas books! i think we will try that one this year!
what kind of traditions do you and your family have? what is your favorite Christmas tradition? i'd love some more ideas!!

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