Friday, April 16, 2010

what a week for a birthday!

noah ~ 17 1/2 months

we've had some interesting developments this past week... i turned 24 yesterday! we have a couple of small things planned for this weekend, but since i'm not feeling great we're trying to keep it low key. jamie got me a delicious ice cream cake last night from marble slab! totally surprised me! :) he really can be sweet when he tries! tonight we are having dinner with my sister and brother in law, and sunday we plan to have lunch with my family. 24 really doesn't feel very spectacular! haha! i think being pregnant with my 2nd child is what really makes me feel older!

now for the crazy events of this week!

first, i've been sick with horrid allergies. if you've watched the news at all the last month or so, you should know that arkansas and oklahoma have been hit with "pollen storms" and it has been horrible! every morning my car is covered with a fresh layer of greenish-yellow pollen and it has been so irritating to my poor nose. well, this last allergy attack turned into some kind of infection wednesday night. i began running a temp of about 101-102 degrees and felt like crap! i was honestly afraid to drive home from church because i literally could not keep my eyes open! my throat and head were aching, along with my shoulders and back from coughing so hard. being sick on top of being pregnant is never fun. drainage from allergy/infection makes my tummy upset. so needless to say, i missed work yesterday, and have been lazing around the house all day today.

secondly, we have been living with my parents since october when we decided to sell our house. we found out we were pregnant in november, our house sold in december, and we began building a new home in january. we are scheduled to move in the first week of may. that is only about 2-3 weeks away! exciting right!?! well, it would be, except that tuesday afternoon the septic system at my parent's house backed up into the house. the entire house wasn't affected though - only the 2 bedrooms that jamie, noah and i are occupying and the bathroom we use everyday were destroyed! the bathroom is completely gutted at this point, carpet is ripped up in both rooms, and all of our stuff is shoved to the far sides of the room. we don't really know how much damage was done to our stuff. i think most everything was okay. THANK YOU GOD! so tuesday night we moved in with jamie's parents! we are so grateful for both of our parents! they have all four helped us so much during this crazy transition time!! please pray with us that our house is completed on time and that my poor mama doesn't go crazy with her house being torn up! oh you should also pray for the sanity of gary and teresa! i know they love us to death, but it is definitely an adjustment to throw two adults and a toddler into a typically calm home! :)

thirdly, finally a praise! our house is looking awesome! cabinets went in this week, along with the sidewalk, driveway, and back patio. we are so thrilled with all that has been done! it's like a dream come true! i can't wait to move in!! :)
rock and brick are done...sidewalk and driveway too!

view of the patio from master bedroom
one of my favorite pieces! entry way locker system! this is going to be great for the boys!


  1. i am soooo jealous of your entry way lockers!! those are going to be GREAT! i'm sure these next few weeks will fly by :)

  2. ditto on entry locker jealousy comment ;-) lol

    I can. not. wait. until we get to see y'all again (and the house) (and the BABY!!!!)

  3. i can't wait to see you too!!! june?? or is it september??