Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Big Weekend!

17 1/2 weeks prego! already feeling huge!!

jamie and i like to affectionately think of ourselves as old this i mean, we like to stay at home and watch movies and go to sleep early. we are blessed to have so many family members who love to keep noah for us, but it seems like since he was born we rarely go out on dates. even when we have a babysitter for noah, we always wind up coming home early to crash. we're just not night owls.

well this weekend was different!!

Friday we had our last Fireproof class, which was an outing to Fuji - a new japanese sushi and hibachi grill in Fort Smith!! all the couples from the class came and boy did we have fun!! our waiter's name was Bubba!! i think this was a joke, but i called him that all night!! at one point he threw a wad of rice at me!! i didn't realize i was supposed to catch it in my mouth and it hit my shoulder and stuck to my shirt! we all had a great time with our friends and even after dinner was long over we stood outside the party room just chatting!! it's so nice to spend time with good friends!
Spider Roll sushi!! my favorite (don't worry, it's cooked!!)


after dinner, jamie treated me to Marble Slab! yummo!! it usually makes my tummy hurt because it is so rich, but since i've been pregnant this time, by tummy doesn't get upset as often! what a blessing!! i had yummy coffee ice cream with heath bar bits mixed in and jamie had apple pie a la mode!

Saturday, we had a girls night out, with a bunch of girls from church. we had about 11 gals in our party! so much fun!! we started out trying to eat at Olive Garden, one of my favorite spots! we arrived at about 4:50 - yes i know that's very early, but here's why: there was an HOUR AND A HALF wait!!!!! OMG!! well our movie was supposed to start at 7:10, so we couldn't wait that long..we wound up at Logan's Roadhouse where i devoured at least 3 rolls and half a bucket of peanuts! it still took us until 7:00 to leave the restaurant so we were a little bit late for the movie. we had to sit in the very front row and lean our heads back to see the screen! haha!! but we didn't care!!

we watched Dear John, the new Nicholas Sparks movie...i haven't read the novel yet, but i think i should! of course i'm hormonal, but this movie was just plain sad! i started crying about 3 minutes into it and didn't stop til after it was over!! LOL!! my eyes were so red when we left the theater!! most of the other girls didn't even think it was that good, but i just love a good crier!

Sunday continued the fun in the morning (i had Wee Worship, which is the 2 and 3 year old only little girl yesterday told me that she used to live on the moon :)...) after church we attended jamie's cousin Whitney's 24th birthday party in Greenwood. i grew up with Whitney and her family and it is so cool to be "related" to them now through jamie's family! noah had a great time eating pizza and getting lots of attention!! he even got to play on the arcade games with jamie! wish i would have gotten out my camera!!!

all dressed up and ready for church

noah walking into church on his own! :)

after we all took a long nap, we packed back up to go to the George's house for the Superbowl...jamie and i are not football fans, but we enjoy the food and fellowship..and all the kids love being together! noah's friend kate was there, she is about 4 months older than him and she is a ham!! she loves to dance and walk around pulling her shirt up to show off her belly! so of course, noah has to copy!! he showed off some pretty great dance moves this morning that he learned from kate last night!! :) they play together really well and it's so cute to watch them! alyssa, another slightly older friend (she is almost 3), was also there! she is the one who gave noah his nickname "nonah" :) and she always says, "Nonah's dripping!!" (meaning that he is drooling!) she is such a cutie pie!

today we are all stuck at home as another snow storm hit last night! we are not used to getting so much snow here in arkansas! we have NO groceries at the house right now, so we are gonna have to venture out because tomorrow is supposed to get worse! noah, jamie, my mom, and i have all had a cold all weekend so we're just kinda pitiful today!! just laying around doing a whole lot of nothing!! haha!! school was closed for almost everyone and even jamie can't work right now! this also means that there will be no progress on the house in the immediate future :( if you want to see the progress so far, you can visit my facebook and look at all the pictures i've loaded!! so far we have concrete blocks and filler in..just waiting on the plumbing so they can pour the slab!! can't do that when there's snow!!

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